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Key Tips on Screening a Tenant for Your Rental Property in Cary, NC

Tenant screening in Cary requires a thorough process that checks the backgrounds of potential tenants. You want to know something about these tenants before you decide to rent them a property. Today, we’re sharing some tips on screening a tenant.

Application Procedures

Make sure all potential tenants fill out an application which gives you the authority to screen them. This signed and documented permission will allow you to check their credit, call references, verify employment, and do a criminal and eviction background check. Make sure it’s documented and kept in your files.

Property Management Cary: What to Screen

Start by checking the credit of your applicants. You should set a minimum credit score that you will accept. Some landlords set that at 650 or 700. It’s up to you, but a good credit score with tenants usually means they have a higher propensity to pay rent on time consistently.

Background checks are also necessary so you can check for criminal histories and any prior evictions. Check the statewide records, at the minimum. Look for any reported evictions and felonies. This will help you screen out any tenants who have a serious criminal record or a history of being evicted from properties for nonpayment of rent.

You also want to verify employment. Talk to the applicant’s employer and make sure they actually work there. Find out how long the applicant has been employed so you can match it against the information that was provided on the application.

Check references, especially prior landlords. Have a conversation. Landlords know that tenants move, so they expect calls when they receive notice. Ask if the tenant paid rent on time, and if there were any problems. See what kind of information they give you. Check other references too. Typically, the references tenants provide will be good ones, but it never hurts to call and talk to them as well.

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